Mackenzie Douthit Reveals the Devastating Truth About Baby #3

Josh McKee, Mackenzie DouthitLast time we checked in on the baby-making plans of Mackenzie Douthit and her hubs Josh McKee, the number of children he'd like to have in total stood at seven. "If it were joshes [sic] choice we would have seven kids..... no joke," the Teen Mom 3 star confessed last July on Twitter.

Hold on to your hats, folks, because that number is going up, and if Josh gets his way, Mackenzie will be expecting baby number three any day now. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy decision for the couple, as Mackenzie recently pointed out on Twitter. Getting pregnant again may cause serious damage to her health or even put her life in danger.


The reality star more recently tweeted on November 11, "if it were joshes [sic] choice we would have ten kids." A fan then asked her how many she wanted, and her response was so sad!

This girl so obviously is ready to expand her family and make a baby brother or sister for Gannon, 3, and Jaxie, 10 months, but knows the toll it would take on her body.

Mackenzie keeps herself in tiptop shape in order to manage her Type 1 diabetes, but it still might not be enough for her body to handle another pregnancy. In fact, she revealed that a doctor recommended that she consider terminating her second pregnancy due to serious health concerns for both her and the baby.

Yikes! It's a good thing that Mackenzie and Josh are taking the decision to try for another very seriously and praying about it together. As much as Josh might want 10 kids, the two they already have need their mama to stick around for awhile.

Do you think Mackenzie and Josh will try for number three?


Image via Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

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