Ramona Singer's Ex Takes Dig at Her in Crazy Cringeworthy Dating Profile

Ramona Singer

It's been a rough year for Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer. After catching husband Mario cheating earlier in the year (and taking him back), Ramona finally confirmed over the summer that she was officially ending her marriage of 22 years. Why? Mario was caught seeing his much younger mistress Kasey Dexter yet again.

But it appears as though things with Mario and Kasey did not work out, and Mario is back on the dating scene. RadarOnline is reporting that he's actually on the dating site Match, and what he says in his profile is unbelievable.


In case you want to take a peek for yourself, Mario's screen name is “mario007s,” but here's a taste:

Looking for someone who enjoys an active life. Loves sports and hanging out. Staying fit is important. Having great chemistry and a sense of humor. Enjoy the simple things in life and not be pretentious and in need of impressing other people.

Yikes -- it's pretty obvious that Mario doesn't want someone "pretentious" and "in need of impressing other people" because clearly that is something Ramona was very into. If you watch RHONY, then you know that Ramona is all about being seen with the right people and going to the right places and always one upping everyone in her circle by bragging about her fabulous life.

But wait, there's more! Here's the rundown of everything else Mario is looking for in his next relationship per his Match profile:

- A woman between 5'6" to 5'9" who is Catholic.

- Must earn between $50,000 to $75,000 (Mario makes around $150,000 a year)

- Must live within 5 miles of him in New York City and be between the ages of 35-45

- Mario also says his relationship status is "currently separated" and that he's a social drinker who doesn't want more children.

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Oh and by the way? Mario compares himself to James Bond! Look, I hope that both Ramona and Mario find love and more than anything are happier now. But I think Mario needs to tone his Match profile down a tad. No need to throw any shade toward his ex (did he really think no one would find him on here and notice that?), and for someone who is 61, maybe he should be looking for ladies closer to his own age?

No word from Ramona yet on Mario's dating strategy, but her friend and RHONY cast mate Sonja Morgan is getting help from Patti Stanger on the upcoming season of The Millionaire Matchmaker. Rumor has it that Ramona is going to Patti for help too! Somehow I think she might have better odds going online like Mario, but good for her for getting back out there too!

What do you think of Mario's dating profile?


Image via Michael Lavine/Bravo

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