'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Anna Duggar Drops a Pregnancy Bombshell

19 kids and counting

Tonight on 19 Kids & Counting, Josh and Anna Duggar packed up the kids into the family RV (a Duggar family legacy seems to be procuring and utilizing a secondhand RV that is perpetually on the verge of breaking down utterly if not catastrophically) and set out on an epic trip to Chicago for a gender-reveal party. The highlight for me was when the family stopped at a farm en route to watch a cow give birth. That's kind of weird of me to say out of context. 

Allow me to clarify: The family watching the cow give birth in the cute little chamber provided at the farm prompted Anna and Josh to address the elephant (or rather birthing cow) in the room and talk about their next pregnancy. Anna seems really keen to have another baby as soon as possible, and for her, that seems to be right now. Josh, while obviously eager for more kids, seems to be playing everything a little bit closer to the vest.


Anna joked that watching the cow give birth gave her second thoughts about having another baby. That was obviously all in fun. For all her talk of hesitation, the grin on Anna's face gave away how she was really feeling: It's clear that she and Josh, fresh off the heels of the birth of baby Marcus, are more than ready for another baby. In fact, it's not surprising that clips from next week's episode make it clear that the couple has been trying for a few months now!

I think it's great that Josh and Anna share the miracle of life (and how it comes into the world for all mammals) with their children. It might be surprising to some folks to see that the Duggars are so open about the process of conception and delivery. I think it's refreshing that they don't just emphasize the sanctity they believe in life, but in the practical aspects as well. They are great parents. Here's hoping soon it will be 19 MORE Duggars and counting! 

Were you surprised by Anna's news?


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