Jenelle Evans' Odd Behavior Means She's Still Not Over Her Ex

Jenelle EvansOnce upon a time, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans did not have her crap together like she does now. She's happily settled with boyfriend Nathan Griffith and their 4-month-old son Kaiser. She's getting custody back of her 5-year-old Jace from her mom Barbara Evans. She's in school and winning awards, y'all.

So why is it that Jenelle can't seem to keep herself from reaching out to her ex-husband Courtland Rogers on social media?



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Ever since Jenelle married her slime ball ex in a quicky courtroom ceremony in December 2012, she doesn't seem to be able to shake him. It took her over a year to get divorced from him, thanks to North Carolina law, but she barely got it done before baby Kai arrived. And even now, she's still reaching out to him on Twitter!

Court recently gave an interview to The Real Teen Mom Talk (via Starcasm), in which he revealed that he hates how Jenelle perceives him.

"I hate how she thinks that like I want her back," he said. "And now she thinks that she’s the s--t and that I would actually even attempt to want her back. Like I would never, ever go back to that girl in my life. Not even if somebody paid me."

He continued, "Clearly I’m on her mind constantly in the day or something."

Of course we thought nothing could be further from the truth, but then Jenelle had to go and respond to his accusations! And not only that, but she used her mom as a way to do it. She didn't need to respond at all, but she tweeted:

She also said, "She wanted me to tell all of u just drop the BS and leave me alone. She said she is so proud of how far I've came and U guys only try to put me down to hurt and crush me. She feels stalked and creeped out by this loser. I feel bad she lives by these horrible people."

Jenelle! Don't engage the crazy. I know it's hard hun, but every time you give him attention on social media like this, you're giving in to him.

The best way to show a guy he can't affect you anymore is to ignore him. By giving him the time of day, like Jenelle did here, he's going to think that you think about him, follow up on him, and are not over him. If Jenelle really is over Courty, she should show it by flat out ignoring him.

Do you think Jenelle Evans still has feelings for Courtland Rogers?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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