Mom Thinks 'Ghost' of Marine May Reside Inside Her 4-Year-Old Son (VIDEO)

What would you do if your child started "remembering" things that had nothing to do with his life? Or at least his present life? That was the question that Michele Lucas had to face when her 4-year-old son, Andrew, began talking about a life in which he died in a fire and lived in another state -- oh, and one in which he was friends with several Marines. Michele began piecing together Andrew's "memories" and began to wonder if Andrew hadn't been reincarnated -- and that his past life was that of a Marine who died in a blast in Lebanon in 1983.


Michele says that Andrew would begin crying and say things like, "Why did you let me die in that fire?"

Michele says her boy's strange words scared her and she "didn’t know if there was a spirit coming out of him."

Right there many moms may have told Andrew to stop telling tall tales, but Michele took him seriously. After Andrew told her that he used to live at "860 Main Street in Sumter, Georgia," she began doing research and eventually got together with the producers of an LMN show called The Ghost Inside My Child. Together, they traced Andrew's memories back to a group of Marines who were killed in the 1983 bomb blast in Lebanon.

They eventually began to think that Andrew might be the reincarnation of a Marine named  Sgt. Val Lewis. "Are these your friends?" Michele asks, showing Andrew pictures of the six Marines who died in the blast. "Yes," Andrew says, nodding. "Which ones were your friends?" she presses. "I was friends with all of them," he says. Hey, it's good they all got along.

But seriously, how creepy!

The family ended up going to Georgia to visit Lewis' grave. The family says Andrew pretty much acted like it was a homecoming, placing flowers on Lewis' grave and visiting "his pal's" tombstone.

Did I say creepy?

Michele says visiting the grave didn't exactly bring closure, but instead they started having strange occurrences back home. Michele says her next stop might be a psychic to help them figure out what to do next.

Hmmm. Well, on the one hand, you could theorize that Andrew has either been coached or he can see that his tall tales are getting him a lot of attention, so he's continuing with them. On the other, there are more things in this heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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Should parents encourage this kind of thing in their kid? Hard to say. It might be traumatic for a child to have their feelings and thoughts dismissed, no matter how kooky they are. But you could also be encouraging dramatics and lying by taking every strange utterance a kid makes totally seriously.

What would you do? Has your child ever discussed a past life?


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