Maci Bookout Hints That Her Engagement Could Happen Any Day Now

Taylor McKinney Maci Bookout

Hmmmmmm. Ever since her boyfriend Taylor McKinney moved to Tennessee to be with her, we've been wondering when and if Maci Bookout will wind up tying the knot and living happily ever after with him.

I mean, they've been together for quite some time now, and it's obvious that they're super serious and are totally committed to each other. What the heck is stopping them from getting engaged and taking the next step in their relationship?

Well, maybe nothing. Based on a semi-cryptic tweet Maci posted, it sure sounds like marriage is a hot topic of conversation between her and Taylor these days.


OMG. Why on earth would she be so bold as to send Taylor a message like this if they weren't planning on getting engaged at some point in the near future?

Or what if Taylor already put a ring on it and they simply haven't announced the news yet? Sure, that kind of thing is hard to keep under wraps when you have a fat diamond on your finger, but there's always the chance that they want to enjoy engaged bliss for a while before putting the word out.

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Then again, maybe Maci and Taylor are merely in the phase where they are assuming they'll eventually get hitched, even though a proposal hasn't happened yet. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that's the more likely scenario for sure.

But if they're openly discussing marriage? We'd better pay pretty close attention to Maci's ring finger in the coming months.

Do you think Maci will be engaged soon?


Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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