Why Is NeNe Leakes Refusing to Donate $20K She Promised to Charity?

NeNe LeakesUgh, the nasty feud between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore has gotten so heated that it can't even come to a halt in the name of charity.

Quick refresher -- back in March when the ladies taped their season 6 reunion, NeNe admitted she didn't act appropriately at one of Kenya's charity events. As an act of good faith, NeNe suggested to Kenya, "Let’s put our differences aside for a day of charity. You pick the charity of your choice. I will donate $20,000 and you match me."


Sounds like a good plan, no? The ladies agreed to each donate to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. The reunion aired in May and the whole world heard loud and clear that both NeNe and Kenya were going to each donate $20,000. And note, there was no deadline stated on when it should or would be done -- just that both would open their checkbooks.

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Well, here's the latest -- Kenya made her donation in October and even Instagrammed the cashier's check made out to the Detroit Public Schools for solid proof.

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Last week during an Access Hollywood Live appearance, Kenya dropped a bombshell and revealed that NeNe had yet to make good on her promise and had NOT made her $20,000 donation. But NeNe said during Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live that there was a statute of limitations on their deal and time had run out!

Uh, say what? The president of the Detroit public school systems is disappointed and told TMZ that there was no statute of limitations and they would happily take NeNe's money.

And you know what? I'm disappointed in NeNe too. This is the Housewife who once famously declared "I'm very rich" over and over again. She's starred on The New Normal and Glee. She just finished a run in Zumanity in Vegas and later this month will be starring in Cinderella on Broadway. It seems to me that this has nothing to do with money as NeNe can afford it but has everything to do with trying to cut down Kenya and make her look like she did something wrong.

Well, Kenya gave $20,000 to a public school system that greatly needs the money. NeNe is just being spiteful by acting like it's too late. No one is saying Kenya and NeNe need to be best friends and hang out. And if NeNe is still holding a grudge against Kenya, so be it. But that doesn't excuse her from doing the right thing and making good on her promise to donate the money. NeNe, I've always been a fan, but I just can't side with you on this one.

Do you think NeNe should donate the money or has the statute of limitations really run out?


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