'Vanderpump Rules' Recap: Jax Hasn't Changed At All!

Jax TaylorYou know who is a lying scumbag who hasn't changed at all? Jax Taylor. He can tell himself (and anyone else who will listen) that because both of the women he's dating know about each other that he's being on the up and up, but he's still lying. Jax had a chance to come clean to Cali girlfriend Carmen about his decision to date his Vegas girlfriend Tiffany exclusively. He didn't take that opportunity. Instead he spewed her some cock and bull line that she saw through totally. Shame on Jax.

The truly galling part (though admittedly there were many galling parts) of his breakup with Carmen is how he came so close to having an epiphany about his behavior ... and then just totally missing the mark. Carmen spoke some pretty fair truths (he's immature, he did an about face on their relationship, he's phony) and Jax commented (in his interview segment) that it was like a flashback to when he and Stassi broke up the first time


Now a sane, rational, and allegedly "reformed" person in this situation would probably have a thought process that goes something along these lines: "Man, that was a tough conversation. I feel like a shit-bag for hurting her that way. It is interesting that both she and my other recent ex made a lot of the same points ... maybe there's something I need to examine there." But because Jax is not so nearly together as he likes to pretend to be, he didn't think about any of this. Instead he proceeded to be excited about his new exclusive girlfriend and to eat a breakup pizza all alone outside a restaurant. Hey, we've all been there. 

I can't believe Jax thought Carmen wouldn't take the breakup "that hard." Um, Jax? When you get a woman's name tattooed upon your person, you are kind of implying (or, you know, downright saying) that you see a future with them. If you want to live an honest life, start by being honest with yourself. Sometimes that means accepting that you aren't perfect and learning to be okay with that.

What other lies do you think Jax will tell this season?


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