'Are You the One' Recap: Layton Blows Up Over Anthony & Jenni at Worst Possible Time

layton and anthony fight are you the oneThink about it: what is the worst time your current boo could aggressively confront your past hookup? Well, any time. But also when your parents are just downstairs. That sounds positively cringe-worthy. But that's exactly what happened on tonight's episode of Are You the One?

A week after the cast got just three beams at the matching ceremony (with two already confirmed matches, that's not too hot), they all vowed to do better next time. And this challenge was all about the in-laws and getting to know one another because the girls' moms, dads, or grandmothers all showed up to the house for a night of awkwardness, confrontation, and boozing.


As Ryan Devlin announced, the boys would come out one by one, sit in front of the panel of parents, and be quizzed on various topics. They then had 60 seconds to determine which girl each of the parents were related to. And while John did admit that he's there for money rather than love, and Nathan revealed his love for poker, the parents seemed to be fairly accepting of their possible future sons-in-law. Ha!

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And ultimately, John, Dario, and Alex all came away with top prizes and chose to take Jasmine, Briana, and Alex on their getaway date. But the real fun came when the entire house spent the night partying with the parents.

That's when Layton confronted Jenni's mom and, in a few choice words, said that Anthony was "the worst" possible choice for her daughter. Cue the massive blow-up. When Anthony confronted Layton over his statement, the dude imploded. Shouting, arm flailing, and massive rage face led to one serious clash.

And here's the deal people: Jessica (Layton's latest girl) had her own battle with Jenni (the apple of Layton's eye and Anthony's ex). Everyone following the twisted love square? Yeah, it's rough all around.

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But at the end of the day, the house members all decided to send John and Jasmine to the Truth Booth, who, obviously, were not a match.

And with the matching ceremony and their sixth chance at a million dollars, they all gave it another shot. Ashley and Brandon, Jasmine and Nathan, Briana and Dario, Ellie and Anthony, Tyler and Garland, Alex and John, Jenni and Layton, and Jessica and Alex all paired off. Christina, as the bonus girl, picks Nathan, who then ultimately chooses to stay with Jasmine.

And with two already confirmed matches in the house (Pratt and Paris and Curtis and Shelby), it seems like their chances for winning are upped, right? False. Once again, they get ZERO additional matches

Hear that? Zero. Six weeks in, they only have two matches. Could it be possible that the cast walks away with no money? It's looking more like it every week.

Have you figured out the matches? Who do you think is Layton's perfect match?


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