Leah Calvert's Own Family Might Be Enabling Her Alleged Drug Habit

Leah CalvertThe drama continues! On today's episode of Leah Calvert May or May Not Be Addicted to Prescription Drugs That May or May Not Be Destroying Her Marriage and Her Life ... her grandma weighs in on Facebook to defend her progeny.

Except that the Teen Mom 2 star's Grandma Sandy Kay may have accidentally admitted that she may be the source of Leah's alleged pill-popping habit.


This feisty granny is obviously sick and tired of people accusing Leah of being a drug addict. Her righteous anger may have gotten in the way of her spelling and grammar, but we sorted through the Facebook post, and the message is clear. Leave her granddaughter alone!

"I don't do pills as a druggie an I don't give them too my grandchildren," she ranted. "You can tell all the lies you want but just remember trying to tell this to my children is gonna be a mess."

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She also reminded her followers that "magazines will do anything for a story" and "they will give your name up at some point."

Sandy Kay seems to think it's someone in the family too. She continued, "Don’t call yourself family or any part of me and tell things you don’t know about, this will be the last breath I will waste on this trash or the trash telling it."

Oh my gosh -- it's obvious she loves Leah very much, but did she just reveal a big denial problem in the Messer family? When she said she doesn't "do pills as a druggie," it sounded an awful lot like denial, don't you think? We know Leah has admitted to taking pain pills before, but still denies that she is addicted to them.

She may not be addicted to painkillers -- these are all just rumors. But it seems like we might be getting a picture as to where the problem stems.

Do you think Sandy Kay is in denial about Leah popping pills?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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