'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season Premiere Recap: Phaedra's Jaw-Dropping Answer to the Divorce Rumors

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Real Housewives cast members going to jail, that's a weird trope that's kind of having a moment. In Jersey we have Joe and Teresa, and now in Atlanta we've got Apollo Nida gearing up to serve an eight-year sentence. I love RHOA, and I'm always eager to catch back up with my favorite ladies (hi, NeNe!) and my favorite silver foxes on television (hi Peter and Gregg!), but I've gotta say, tonight's episode was all about getting the skinny on how Phaedra Parks and Apollo are dealing with the personal fallout of his sentence.

In a word? Not awesome. Okay, that's two words, but I felt such excesses were reasonable. Since the announcement earlier this year about Apollo's fate, rumors have been flying like me when I used to eat paste in kindergarten (Baby Beez got messed up, y'all). Tonight we got to see just what exactly went down, and let me tell you, it wasn't what I expected. Phaedra was stone cold. 


If the father of your children has committed a felony and is being sent away to jail for the better part of a decade, you're allowed to be annoyed. I would be pissed, though furry-buddha in the sky willing, this theory will never be tested. Still, if you're big into marriage and what the means, I understand that this includes serious vows, yeah? However angry you are at your husband, see him through this, or at least make the effort. If it don't work, it don't work: But you can't know that unless you try.

Phaedra is too worried about appearances to even contemplate giving Apollo a shot. I might be more sympathetic if I didn't think Phaedra was smart enough when she married Apollo to know exactly the kind of man he is. Could she have been dick-matized? Okay, maybe. But again, she's intelligent enough to suss out that no matter how divine the disco stick may be, the man it's attached to might not be the best fit for life. 

When Apollo couldn't get through to Phaedra, he said he wanted a divorce, and she didn't bat an eye. Maybe it was shock, but I doubt it. Can't fault the broad for wanting to cut and run. It's a shitty situation. But I might be more Team-Phaedra if I felt like trying was even an option she considered.

What would you do if you were Phaedra?


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