‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: ‘Self Help’ Implies Eugene's Hiding Something (VIDEO)

Walking Dead spoilers Self Help

I had SO many complaining things to say about last week’s Walking Dead I feel like I shouldn’t even spend one more minute dwelling on that storyline. Suffice to say some stuff happened that explained where Beth has been and blah blah blah let’s just hope the next episode is better.

Episode 5 is titled “Self Help,” and here’s the synopsis: “A new set of issues confront the group while on a mission. Will they be able to push through and survive these challenges? Or better yet, each other?” If you’re caught up and not worried about spoilers, I’ve got the latest promos for this Sunday’s Walking Dead.


Let’s start with the the sneak peek clip, which legitimately made me laugh out loud:

YAY FOR GOOD DIALOGUE, NON-TERRIBLE ACTORS, AND EVEN A SMIDGE OF MUCH-NEEDED HUMOR. I don’t know what happened last week but that was not the show I have come to love.

Those of us who have read the comics likely suspect that Eugene’s using the “that’s classified” excuse to mask the fact that he doesn’t know shit from Shinola, but who knows where the TV storyline will take us. Maybe Eugene and his sweet mullet really is the key to curing the zombie infestation … or maybe he’s as trustworthy as a misspelled Facebook ad marketing diet supplements from Dr. Oz.

Here’s a less amusing promo showing Abraham getting pretty fired up:

“The mission hasn’t changed,” he says. “We can’t go back. We’re at war, and retreat means we’d lose. Every direction is a question. We’ll get through this because we have to. We don’t go back!

Why’s he on his knees at the end there, I wonder? Is he crying? Is it because someone died? Is it because ROSITA died? Or is because he learned something about Eugene’s story that devastated him?

No way to know for sure until Sunday. Pitch me your best guesses, though: what’s got Abraham so upset in the trailer clip?

Image via AMC

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