Jeremy Calvert Reveals Status of His Marriage to Leah Calvert

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Annnndddd the plot thickens. Just when we thought their marriage couldn't possibly get any more confusing, Jeremy Calvert updated his Facebook profile to change his relationship status from "Divorced," to "It's Complicated." That means there's a decent chance he and Leah Calvert are somehow managing to work things out.

After totally flying off the handle after the cheating allegations first surfaced, most of us assumed there was no chance in hell that Leah and Jeremy would survive, especially considering he pretty much deleted all traces of her from his Twitter account.


But in recent days, Leah has made it seem like everything is perfectly fine between them, even going so far as to proclaim that there is "nothing more important" to her than Jeremy and her daughters.

And while she very well could be putting on a brave face and trying to make everyone think that things at home are just dandy, doesn't it seem a little strange for her to embarrass herself so openly if she knows Jeremy is going to file for divorce?

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If she knew things were truly over, I'm guessing she'd be more likely to disappear from social media altogether rather than give her fans false hope that she and Jeremy are on the road to happiness again. And based on how angry Jeremy seemed when the whole scandal initially went down, it seems like a pretty bold move for him to classify himself as anything other than "Divorced." Perhaps we should take this as a positive sign that he truly does want to give Leah another chance?

Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not. Given how up and down things have been for the two of them thus far, at this point, it's impossible to know whether or not they're going to stand the test of time.

(But for Leah's sake, let's hope so!)

Do you think Jeremy and Leah are working things out?


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