Sean Lowe Finally Comes Clean on Baby Rumors (VIDEO)

Sean and Catherine Lowe

Pretty much since the day they tied the knot in front of millions of viewers, everyone has been wondering when Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe will have a baby together, you know, especially since they waited until their wedding night to (ahem) seal the deal.

I mean, you'd think they'd be in a total rush to make up for lost time as far as "practicing" goes. It wouldn't be a huge surprise if Catherine turned up pregnant sooner rather than later.

Oh come on, there was a camera set up in the honeymoon suite giving viewers a glimpse of their bed during the TV wedding! It's not like it's taboo to talk about their sex life.


And since everyone is buzzing over whether or not there's already a bun in the oven for these two, Sean decided to speak out and set the record straight once and for all.

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Nope. No baby for Sean and Catherine. Yet.

Ugh. I know they want to take some time to enjoy being newlyweds and all that jazz, but seriously, we're dying for another Bachelor baby to make a big fuss over. Why can't they speed things up already?!?

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Come on, Sean and Catherine! No pressure or anything, but we're dying to a.) ooh and ahh over how cute Catherine is with a baby bump, and b.) feast our eyes on what will no doubt be one of the most gorgeous children to ever come out of a reality TV romance.

The next time the word baby is used in a sentence with the two of you, it had better be the real deal or we're going to be seriously bummed out again!

(Kidding. Sort of. Ok, not really.)

When do you think Sean and Catherine will finally have kids?


Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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