'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Recap: Teresa Giudice Admits Something Shocking

teresa giudice Obviously on the second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, a discussion about Joe and Teresa Giudice's upcoming jail-time was bound to occur. Like, it had to be acknowledged. That didn't exactly surprise anyone. But I'll tell you what floored me: When Teresa admitted that she didn't UNDERSTAND her own plea deal, or the fact that it would involve her doing any jail time at all. The faces of the other wives (and Andy Cohen's own prestigious mug) said it best: Oh. My. God.

Frankly, I feel badly for Teresa. While watching her this season and on the reunions, you don't exactly get the image of a woman "humbled and remorseful" like the show is trying to sell. Instead you just see a poor, broken woman, and it's physically uncomfortable to watch. She has the money to hire a good attorney and put up a fight in court. The fact that she could walk away not understanding the elements at play that will determine her own fate is gut-wrenching and scary. 


It was kind of even more surreal to think about what Teresa's going through when you have the antics of the twins and then Jim's bellowing, carrying on, and "evidence" that Bobby is a fame-whore. Um, a woman is being separated from her children and sent to jail because of a deal with the court that she didn't entirely understand -- can we revisit that Mr. Didn't Pass the Bar Until This Year?

What the future holds for Teresa and Joe as far as the show goes is uncertain at this point, to say the least. But Bravo teases that they'll let folks in on the details in the third and final part of the reunion next Tuesday. While I'll be tuning in, it won't be to see the giddy antics of the other cast members, it will be to check in with Teresa and Joe who both seem like mere ghosts of themselves.

Do you think the Giudices will be back on the show?


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