Amber Portwood's Relationship With New Man Takes a VERY Serious Turn (PHOTOS)

Amber Portwood

Oh my. Remember a couple of weeks ago when Amber Portwood and her new boyfriend got matching tattoos? Well, the ink has barely even had time to set, but the Teen Mom star posted yet another picture on Twitter yesterday that has us all shaking our heads.

The photo is of her man's arm, and he had some serious new body art done. He got Amber's name tattooed across his entire forearm. She captioned the snap, "I think he loves me?"


No words. Well, other than "vero amore," which is the matching tattoo he has with Amber that you can see in this picture too. That's Italian for "true love," which clearly this couple believes they have.

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That is one big giant declaration, all right. This isn't a tiny tatt on his chest or upper arm or shoulder blade or something. This is something that can only be covered with long sleeves, people! That's serious.

We can't help but be a little worried for her though. She's obviously cleaned up her act after spending time in prison for drug abuse, but isn't this a little reckless too? After all, it was only September when Amber admitted that she wasn't in a relationship but was "talking to" someone.

Things obviously seem to have elevated very quickly. Not only does this guy have Amber's name emblazoned on his arm, he's already a part of her daughter Leah's life as well. The reality star also tweeted a picture of them in silhouette, calling them her "loves."

Huh. More power to her! Who are we to judge anyone else's relationship? We hope that Amber really has found true love at last and that she and her tattooed man live happily ever after.

What do you think of Amber's man's new tattoo?


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