Dude Who Let Snake Eat Him Alive for Reality TV Deserves to Be Digested (VIDEO)

Discovery Eaten Alive

What happens when a man and a giant snake love each other very, very much? Well, if you’re naturist and author Paul Rosolie, you don a special protective suit, cover yourself in pig blood, and allow the massive anaconda to devour you whole while reality show cameras are rolling. Being chowed by a snake is the premise for Discovery’s upcoming special titled Eaten Alive, and if you’re thinking this doesn’t exactly sound like must-see-TV, you have a friend in PETA. I don’t want to sound cold-blooded ... but PETA’s response to the show is downright poisonous.


(Who woke up today and thought, SNAKE PUNS? No one, that’s who. Life is a wondrous mystery filled with surprise destinations!)

Paul Rosolie is naturalist/wildlife filmmaker/certified insane person who will be shown as anaconda dinner on December 7. Here’s the marketing pitch for the show:

Apparently the show has already been filmed, so — SPOILER ALERT! — the snake didn’t kill him. Nor did the snake die in its efforts, despite PETA’s hand-flapping. The animal rights organization issued a stern complaint criticizing the show and Rosolie for going too far:

Not only does this publicity stunt sound far-fetched, it would also be lethal for the snake. Shame on this pseudo ‘wildlife expert’ for tormenting and likely killing an animal for a thrill, and shame on the Discovery Channel for giving him the incentive to do it. Whatever the filmmaker has planned, the snake will likely pay the ultimate price, as animals usually do when they’re used for entertainment. PETA has reached out to the Discovery Channel and asked them to pull the show, whether it is a hoax or not.

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of the idea of this show, and I think if you’re truly an animal lover, you’d respect them too much to force one to eat you for the purposes of a TV show. But apparently the snake is fine and there’s some sort of method of making an anaconda regurgitate its meal that doesn’t hurt them (although if someone made ME barf the cranberry/pecan salad I ate for lunch, I’d be pissed as hell).

Rosolie says people shouldn’t be concerned, and if they are, they can just buy his book and they’ll feel all better:

For those worried about animal cruelty, I invite you to research my work -- read my book. Then ask yourself: would this person ever hurt an animal?

Maybe the real question is, are you kind of a money-grubbing douchebag? I guess he’s trying to raise awareness for snake ecosystems that are being threatened by hunting and habitat destruction, but I feel like there may have been a less tortuous way to express that message. What do you think, Sssssssnake?

Do you think this show sounds like it went too far?

Image via Discovery

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