Jenelle Evans Comes Clean on Nathan Griffith Breakup Rumors

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithJenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith might be breaking up (again)! That must mean it's Wednesday. Or any other day of the week ending in Y. Seriously, there are so many rumors surrounding the sustainability of Jenathan (Nathelle?) that if these lovebirds ever do decide to call it quits, we just might not believe them.

The latest go round with the Teen Mom 2 stars involves Jenelle's on-again-off-again BFF Victoria Rhyne. It seems that they're back to being besties, and Tori spent the night at Jenelle's house, which of course must mean that Nathan and Jenelle have broken up.


In case you need a refresher, these girls have been friends since they were 12 but had a falling out during season 4 of Teen Mom 2, when Jenelle found out that Tori had slept with her then-boyfriend Gary Head mere hours before the two got together.

So you can see how Jenelle wouldn't want Tori around her man.

It seems as though that's all water under the bridge though, and everyone has decided to be a grownup and move on from the past. Jenelle took to Twitter to combat the rumors that she and Nathan were splitsville.

See? No biggie. We're not sure if this rekindled friendship is a good idea or a dangerous one, but it looks as though Jenelle and her baby daddy Nate are stronger than ever. It takes a strong man to endure his significant other's close female friendships, and this is Jenelle and Tori we're talking about. Stay tuned for drama!

Do you think it's weird that Jenelle and Tori are hanging out again?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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