Leah Calvert's Friends Reveal the Seriously Troubling Truth About Her

Leah Calvert

Ugh. As much as we all want nothing more than for things to finally fall into place for her again, now supposedly Leah Calvert's friends are staging an intervention for her since she's hit rock bottom.

Between the cheating and divorce rumors surrounding her marriage to Jeremy Calvert, her alleged drug abuse, and the ongoing custody battle she's facing with Corey Simms, it's pretty understandable that Leah is falling apart at the seams.

Hell, who wouldn't?!?


According to In Touch, Leah is "lost" and "not in a good place," and "her friends think she needs rehab," which would indicate that the claims about Leah having a problem with prescription medication really are true.

Oh, and apparently MTV is even willing to pay for Leah to get treatment by sending her to the same rehab facility where Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans went. A source says, "MTV would foot the bill. They're just as shocked about this as the fans and genuinely want her to get help."

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Ugh. Even though Leah is putting on a good act of leading everyone to believe she's handling things just fine, this definitely isn't a good sign if her friends are truly this concerned about her overall health and well being.

And honestly, if Leah really does have a pill problem, she'll only be hurting herself more if she chooses not to go to rehab. The last thing she needs is for her girls to be taken away from her because she refuses to get help. Hopefully she'll realize that her friends only have her best interests at heart and that they want to see her back on the path toward happiness.

Do you think going to rehab is a good plan for Leah?


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