'True Tori' Recap: Tori Has Regrets About Leaving Her First Husband

Tori SpellingTonight on True Tori, Tori Spelling sets aside the demons of her present marriage for a couple of hours and delves into the demons of her past marriage. Tori was married to playwright Charlie Shanian for a little over a year, but the couple apparently were together for around four years. As everyone knows, it was while she was married to Charlie that she met Dean on the set of a TV movie and instantly fell in love -- and into bed. What most people may not have known is the brutal way she dumped her first husband: In her therapist Dr. Wexler's office.


Eight years and at least one affair on Dean's part later, Tori is having some regrets. Probably not so much that she didn't stay with Charlie -- it sounds like no matter what a "good man" he was, as Tori keeps saying, she just wasn't that into him -- but regretting the fact that something inside of her couldn't be happy with a calm, stable guy like Charlie, and instead longed for the Sturm und Drang of a guy like Dean. Is there any woman on the planet who can't relate?

Charlie agrees to meet with Tori, but demonstrating his solid character, he refuses to do it for the cheap high of being on TV. He will only meet off-camera. To Tori's credit, she still meets with him -- though there's some doubt whether this would have ever happened if Tori didn't need more plot points for the second season of her show. Let's just pretend that it would have.

You do have to give Tori some credit. TV show or not, few people have the guts to confront their past, especially when that past means running headlong into your younger, more heartless, and embarrassingly shameful self. Tori seems willing to meet this self again -- and apologize for her.

Returning from the meeting, Tori is in tears and Dean pokes around until he gets her to almost admit she made a mistake dumping Charlie in favor of Dean. "Do you have any regrets?" he asks, eyeing her nervously.

At first she plays dumb and says of course she regrets ending it the way she did. But Dean won't let her off the hook: He wants to know whether she regrets not staying with her first, much nicer husband.

"No," Tori says, blinking innocently before expertly twisting the knife: "Then I wouldn't have my babies."

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While Tori might have some pangs that she didn't take the easy route and stick with an agreeable guy like Charlie -- one who probably wouldn't have cheated on her (though a soft, pleasant manner is certainly NO guarantee of that!) -- I doubt she'd change a thing. As much as she and Dean despise each other at times, I doubt Tori would have missed all of this drama for the world. She is the spawn of the man who practically invented nighttime soap operas, after all. Deep down, this is what she lives for.

But Charlie sure dodged a bullet, didn't he?

Should she have stayed with Charlie?

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