'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: You Won't Believe the Big Courting Rule Jessa Duggar Breaks!

19 kids and counting We know that they got married last weekend, but if you watch 19 Kids & Counting, you can track their journey to the altar starting tonight. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are officially engaged! Ben created an elaborate scavenger hunt to propose to Jessa. It was charming and sweet and thoughtful. It was also probably really expensive (I mean, there was a plane involved, that ain't cheap). It was also a lot of work for Jessa, who spent the day traveling and collecting all manner of clues before she finally made it to Ben's side. 

All that anticipation and hard work made Jessa have a huge lapse in her behavior. She and Ben are usually really rigorous about making sure they have no physical contact, but when Ben FINALLY proposed and Jessa accepted, they full-body hugged! A real no-no! For the couple who wouldn't even kiss at the altar after they were married, that's pretty surprising. 


If it were almost any other couple in the country, it wouldn't be remotely shocking to learn that they'd hugged upon becoming engaged. But if it were almost any other couple in the country, their nether-bits would have been engaged in special-hugging already for quite some time. But this is Jessa and Ben, and the rules of physical contact during their courtship are strict, strict, strict. So of course it was surprising to see them 'whoops' and engaged in a full-body hug. 

That said, I don't think there was anything remotely wrong with that! The two are so in love and so committed to each other. They were also so caught up in the moment that you can hardly blame them for forgetting to maintain distance. This came just a day after they accidentally held hands for the first time -- albeit in prayer and at Jim Bob's say-so. 

Jessa isn't the first Duggar sister to slip, either. Remember when Derick Dillard came home to the states and he and Jill full-body hugged? I think both couples are wise not to be too hard on themselves for their flubs. I'm sure their parents totally understand.

Do you think their hugging rules are too extreme?


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