'16 & Pregnant' Star Nikkole Paulun Reveals Shocking Pregnancy News

Nikkole PaulunRemember 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun? She's the one who tragically lost her second son in a stillbirth, which caused no end of Internet rumors that she had made the 8-month pregnancy up. Kinda hard to fake something like that, but you know the Internet.

Anyway, Nikkole Paulun is pregnant again! The Ashley's Reality Roundup said that she took to her Instagram to announce the news, posting a pics of positive pregnancy tests along with, "So it's official! I woke up yesterday and my boobs felt like they did when I was breast feeding & needed to let down. All day I couldn't eat and felt so nauseous at the thought of food. I went tanning and was feeling like shit so I decided to stop by the $ store and buy a test to reassure myself that I was NOT pregnant."


It didn't work, apparently, and now another little one is on the way to join mom and big brother Lyle. Nikkole said she got a medical test to confirm, and revealed just how far along she is. "I got blood work and an ultrasound to confirm it as well and I'm 3-5 weeks!" she continued. "This is definitely a shock as I wasn't expecting this at ALL."

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Oh my -- that is early to divulge such news, but as this mama knows, bad things can happen even late in a pregnancy, so why not enjoy every second of it you can? And if that means blasting it on on social media, then this girl shouldn't apologize to anyone for it.

And how's baby daddy doing? She just recently became engaged to Ryan Rice, and they just happened to find out their baby news on their first anniversary.

"Crazy we find out for sure that we're having a baby on this very day!" Nikkole said. "Thankfully I finally ate at his birthday dinner and got to share the news with his family. I'm extremely overwhelmed with emotions and drained from being so sick. I know I'm not completely ready to be a mom again but I know everything will work out perfect!"

Aww! We wish nothing but the best for Nikkole, and a healthy, completely uneventful nine months!

Are you surprised she made an announcement this soon into her pregnancy?


Image via Nikkole Paulun/Twitter

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