'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 7 Contestants: The Definitive Ranking

Just as Jay Mohr infamously uttered in Jerry Maguire, "It's not show friends, it's show business," and no TV show exemplifies that classic movie line like The Celebrity Apprentice, which returns for its seventh season on Sunday, January 4.

Donald Trump and company have put together an eclectic gaggle of famous folks including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville and veteran talk show host Geraldo Rivera. Since January seems oh so far away, I've put together my early ranking of how I think this cast of characters will fare in the business world.


The Women

1. Leeza Gibbons

I have high hopes for the TV host; my only concern is she may be too nice for this group. But she sure can sell the heck out of an infomercial.

2. Keshia Knight Pulliam

Let's just be honest, I'm totally pulling for Rudy Huxtable. She has a BA in Sociology, which can be helpful when working with this group of big personalities. Do it for Clair and Cliff, Rudy!

3. Jamie Anderson

This Olympic gold-medal-winning snowboarder is the fifth in a family of eight kids, so methinks she knows a thing or two about standing out from the pack. This could definitely be an advantage. 

4. Vivica A. Fox

Interesting that the Sharknado 2 actress will be going up against her costar Ian Ziering this season. I think she'll be a fierce competitor and could rise to the top of the pack if she doesn't get caught up in any drama.

5. Kate Gosselin

The woman runs a family of eight children. She's got this unless she can't be flexible enough to work in a group of other adults.

6. Kenya Moore

And speaking of drama, I'd have this Real Housewives of Atlanta star higher on the list, but I fear the presence of one Brandi Glanville is going to drive her insane. But let's not forget how she scooped RHOA costar Phaedra Parks on that booty workout video.

7. Brandi Glanville

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills antagonist is either going to shoot to the top of the leader board or mouth off too much to stick around. I'm on the fence.

8. Shawn Johnson

The Olympic gymnast is a total powerhouse and has won Dancing With the Stars, so clearly she has the work ethic. Business sense? Only time will tell.

The Men

1. Sig Hansen

The Deadliest Catch star knows how to run a tight ship (literally!) and has used his reality fame to become a published author and even voice a character in Disney Pixar's Cars 2. I just have a feeling this guy could be a strong contender.

2. Geraldo Rivera

Love him or hate him, this guy knows how to talk circles around people, which is a very useful skill on Celebrity Apprentice.

3. Kevin Jonas

Don't count the boy bander out! Kevin Jonas was always the most business-minded of his brothers, and his creativity combined with an attention to detail (not to mention charm!) could be a real asset here.

4. Gilbert Gottfried

This actor/comedian has managed to enjoy a career in entertainment that has spanned a decade, so clearly he is somewhat business-minded. On the other hand, he has been known to throw out poorly timed off-color jokes that have gotten him canned (he was infamously fired from his voice-over work for Aflac after making a Japanese tsunami joke), which may not bode well with Mr. Trump.

5. Ian Ziering

This dude takes things seriously (I mean, who else could act in Sharknado with such intensity?), so do not be surprised if he goes after this show with the same gusto.

6. Terrell Owens

Easy on the eyes but a liability on the field, my gut says this former NFL wide receiver may be too self-involved to see the bigger picture, but his charisma could keep him in the picture for a bit.

7. Johnny Damon

A two-time World series champ, this baseball player clearly knows how to win but could lack the manipulative tactics of his opponents.

8. Lorenzo Lamas

I can't put my finger on it, and I really hope he proves me wrong, but I just don't see Lorenzo Lamas becoming one of Trump's star pupils. Loved you in Grease, though!

Who do you think will take home the title of Celebrity Apprentice next season?

Image via Art Streiber/NBC

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