Kailyn Lowry Reveals INSANE Weight Loss Plans

Kailyn Lowry

Don't you think Kailyn Lowry is looking better than ever these days? She's in amazing shape after having baby Lincoln, mainly because she's been very diligent about working out and eating right and maintaining a super healthy lifestyle.

And even though recently Kail complained that she'd slacked off in the gym and needed to get back into a good routine, it's not like any of us noticed that she wasn't quite as fit as she "used" to be.

It almost seemed a little concerning that she was so worried about her body. Now we have even more reason to believe that she's being a little unrealistic when it comes to how tiny she thinks she needs to be.


Um, excuse me? She wants to lose 25 more pounds?!? She'll waste away to practically nothing if she loses that much weight!

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I mean, it's totally commendable that she's taken off 36 pounds so far, but seriously, it's just so hard to imagine another 25 coming off her already slimmed-down frame.

While it's fantastic that Kail is setting goals for herself and is committed to regaining her pre-baby figure, let's just hope she isn't putting too much pressure on herself to get down to a weight that might make her look nothing like herself.

She's beautiful just the way she is, inside and out!

Do you think Kail will be too skinny if she loses 25 more pounds?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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