First Trailer From 'Bachelor' Chris Soules' Season Raises One Big Question

Chris Soules

Ugh. How boring is the whole TV scene in between seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? (Other than when Bachelor in Paradise is airing, of course.)

Monday nights simply aren't the same until we get to see somebody new in the driver's seat attempting to find true love in a matter of weeks, so many of us are counting down the days until the January premiere of Chris Soules' season.


But if you simply can't wait that long without a sneak peek, you're in luck. Mark your calendar, because this Wednesday, the first Bachelor trailer will air during the CMA awards, where we can catch our first glimpse of Chris and his lucky 25 ladies.

ABC executive Robert Mills spilled the good news via Twitter.

OMG. So exciting!! But what's up with the movie tease? Hmm. What movie could Chris Soules' search for love possibly be based on?

It has to center around farming or being an all-American dude or something, right?

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(Come on, anything will be more entertaining than Jake Pavelka's "On the Wings of Love" theme.)

Let's go ahead and hazard a couple guesses, shall we?

Huh. Could it be Field of Dreams? You know, what with the cornfields and all?

Or how about The Wizard of Oz? Chris leaving Iowa to head to Hollywood is kind of along the same lines of the whole "we're not in Kansas anymore" thing, so it could work?

Hmm. Or some sort of movie featuring a true gentleman or boy next door or ... the possibilities are endless there.

Sigh. We could sit here all day trying to figure out what flick is going to be represented. But I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to tune in and find out. But whatever it is, it's bound to be great!

What movie do you think the promo will be based on?


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