Catelynn Lowell Overwhelmed by Surprise From Daughter Carly's Parents

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

After seeing Catelynn Lowell's gorgeous new baby bump photo yesterday, it's hard to deny that she's absolutely glowing, and who can blame her? In just a couple of months, she and Tyler Baltierra will finally become parents, and we're as anxious for their precious baby to arrive as they are!

And in addition to all of the excitement surrounding her pregnancy, Catelynn and Tyler were over the moon last week. They had the chance to go and visit their first daughter, Carly, and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa.


And not surprisingly, the couple is just as thrilled for Catelynn and Tyler as the rest of us, which is why they selected the most fitting and perfect baby gift to offer them.


OMG. Could this gesture be any more meaningful? As happy as Catelynn and Tyler are to begin this new chapter in their lives, I'm sure the experience of going through pregnancy again has brought back some of the more bittersweet memories of when they had to give up Carly.

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This is such a wonderful way for Brandon and Teresa to remind Catelynn and Tyler that they will always be a part of Carly's life. Their new baby will always be connected to her older sister even though they live miles apart and aren't being raised by the same parents.

If this doesn't speak volumes about what incredible people they are, nothing does. As hard as it must be for Catelynn and Tyler to live without Carly, at least they know her mom and dad are two of the most loving, selfless individuals any child could possibly be blessed with.

Do you think this was a sweet gift for Catelynn and Tyler's baby?


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