Jeremy Calvert's Plans to Leave Leah Calvert Are a Sign the End Is Near

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Hmm. Even though the dust has settled a bit as far as the whole Leah Calvert allegedly cheating on Jeremy Calvert scandal goes, we're still super curious as to what is going on between these two and whether or not they'll wind up divorcing.

Seriously, at this point, it's kind of impossible to know for sure if they're still on good terms, especially since their respective behaviors seem to be pretty contradictory.


Leah is apparently doing everything in her power to make it look like things are just hunky-dory at home.

But if everything is totally back to normal, why is Jeremy planning a New Year's trip to Vegas, without Leah?!?

Yep. This little getaway is a "boys only" sort of deal, yet that didn't stop a group of women from insisting they're going to meet up with Jeremy and his buddy for a little bit of ... New Year's Eve fun?

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I mean, doesn't it seem strange for Jeremy to be making plans to spend one of the most romantic nights of the year away from his wife if things are perfectly fine between them?

Think about it for a second. Would you ever dream of spending New Year's Eve with anyone other than your husband?

No, no you wouldn't. And that's why it just doesn't make any sense for Jeremy to skip town unless he and Leah are most definitely over for good.

I hate to say it, but as time goes on, it really is looking more and more like these two will wind up going their separate ways. For Leah's sake, hopefully there's still a chance that they can work things out, but if Jeremy does abandon her on New Year's? I'd say it will probably be time for her to face the music, even if she's totally heartbroken.

Do you think it's odd that Jeremy is going away for New Year's?


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