'Vanderpump Rules' Premiere Recap: Tom Is CLEARLY Lying to His Girlfriend!

Vanderpump Rules Raise your hand if you think Tom Sandoval is a total liar. Excellent, you may all lower your hands. I think we're all in agreement: Vanderpump Rules might have only been back for one episode, but if last season taught us anything at all, Tom is a liar and a cheater. Sure, Kristen might be borderline unhinged, but she's got a hot British boy-toy now and zero reason to lie. I don't know about you, but I think those stories about Tom cheating in Miami are too specific to be ignored. 

This sucks because I really wanted to spend this entire recap discussing how lame Jax Taylor's "deviated septum" surgery was. Dude. It's 2014 and you live in LA. If you want to get a nose job, no one is going to judge you for it. What they will judge you for? Lying about it when you're supposedly reformed and over that story-telling shit. 


But no, I can't talk about that. Instead, I've got to quietly point out that I think the fabulous Arianna is actually pretty naive. Instead, I've got to take Kristen's side in this whole deal and point out the obvious: Once a cheater, always, always, always a cheater. Mark my words, but at the end of the season, Tom will have owned up to his dirty deeds in Florida. 

Now that I've shamed Tom in a public setting, can I just say how truly delighted that I am that this show is back? My heart was heavy in my chest with the news that Stassi had moved to New York. To see her back in her natural habitat, Los Angeles, brought a smile to my face, of which I should be ashamed. But I'm not! With no Below Deck to sustain me, I seriously wondered where I would get my reality fix -- but I worried in vain, because we're only one episode in and already Vanderpump is bringing the drama. LOVE IT! 

What do you think of Tom's story?


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