'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Michael & Emma's Emotional Night Ends How We Least Expect It

dynamic duos dancing with the starsWe have the dynamic duos this week on Dancing With the Stars and that means costumes! I'm still in the Halloween spirit, aren't you? Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Romeo and Juliet (how fantastic that Janel and Val got that one). Ah yes, the dynamic duos episode ends with a dance-off, giving this show a little oomph, excitement, and oh my goodness someone is getting eliminated!


First up is Lea and Artem as Bonnie and Clyde. I thought it was good stuff -- those outfits and Bruno saying Faye Danceaway. Ha! But the judges were not too impressed. Solid 8s.

Michael and Emma were Tarzan and Jane -- Emma's in tears during practice. She says, "When we get sad it's only because we want it so much." "It's not over," he responds. What does that mean? Ominous words? It can't be! I just want to thank goodness that he's wearing a modified version of Tarzan. When watching them, I can't help but think of them as a dad and his little girl at her wedding -- the cherished father/daughter dance.

Janel and Val as Romeo and Juliet did not disappoint. And Len gave it a 10. Perfect score all around. They win. Just given them the Mirrorball.

Peta and Tommy are June Carter and Johnny Cash. How adorable is Chong singing along to "Ring of Fire"? So cute! Len called him a hot dog. You are tasty but you are never sure of the content.

Sadie and Mark were Adam and Eve -- and I was worried it was going to be boring and she was worried about his hand on her butt, and then BAM! Holy wow that was so good so so so good. Two 10s and two 9s. Janel and Val are still on top. I think they deserved all 10s too though.

And then we have Batman and Robin in a way we've never seen them before. I adore Witney! And Alfonso is so fun to watch.

Derek and Bethany are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Super campy and super fun. My goodness Bethany really channelled Lucy! Bruno was the only one who gave it a 10. Weird.

AND NOW THE DANCE-OFF! They did separate dances to the same song. Wit and Alfonso versus Lea and Artem. In the past, I believe they did it at the same time and then did a tap out, right? America likes Alfonso better. Judges, too. Three extra points for them.

Sadie and Mark choose to dance against Bethany and Derek. Tight race there. It goes to Bethany and Derek.

Then we get the elegant Peta with Tommy versus Emma who glides across the floor with Michael. Feels like we are watching a last dance situation here. Tommy gets the win. Which means Michael and Emma are eliminated. And he just said, "It's not over." Awww. While I knew they had to go home sooner or later, I just wasn't ready, I suppose.

Isn't Michael Waltrip just the sweetest? Even Emma says how his tender heart touched her so much that she is a better person as a result of knowing him. Isn't it incredible to see how the emotional bond grows so much with the dancers and stars? Gosh, I love this show. And Michael, if you are reading, you are so awesome. You lived out so many little kids' dreams by being a racecar driver and for all of us getting to see this other side of you dancing on the show and your incredible spirit ... thank you! You are a winner.

Did you think Michael and Emma would be eliminated?


Image via dancingabc/Instagram

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