'Are You the One' Recap: Ellie Tearfully Confronts Anthony About His Hookups

are you the one ellie anthonyOne week after the cast got no confirmed matches (besides for honeymooning Pratt and Paris), it seemed like we were all back to square one. And the Are You the One? contestants worked to prove us all wrong and attempt to find at least a couple more perfect pairings.

Once again, it was gentlemen's choice and the guys got to compete in the main challenge. All eight of them (sad Alex wasn't feeling too well and had to sit out of the competition) were all tethered to a central circle and had to compete in an eight-way tug-of-war to reach their own finish line. Dario, Curtis, and Brandon all came away with top prizes and were joined by Jenni, Shelby, and Jasmine on the waterfall date.


But before the lucky pairs got to jet off on their afternoon adventure, we got to witness Southern bombshell Ellie finally go for her man. Anthony, who's been seen canoodling with a good half of the house, seems to be number one on her list. But it's not working out too well.

He makes out with Christina right in front of Ellie, and rightfully, girl loses it. Jealousy rears its ugly heard and we can't blame her.

And while she's spilling her guts and letting him know how upsetting the inherface hookup was, he manages to come up with the most classic excuse: "I value the friendship I have with her." Even after their explosive fight (seriously, Team Ellie all the way, in case you couldn't tell), neither makes any moves and we're left right where we started. Seems to be a theme of the evening.

But before we can evaluate if Ellie and Anthony really are a perfect match, Curtis and Shelby are sent into the Truth Booth.

And would you believe it? They're a perfect match! "We just flipped a coin and it just ... worked," said Curtis. I couldn't have put it better myself. And this means that Bri is left all alone while her man goes off into the Honeymoon Suite with another competitor.

Finally, when the cast gets their fifth shot at one million dollars, they continue to under-perform. They all break down like this: Anthony and Ashley, Brandon and Jasmine, Garland and Tyler, John and Jenni, Layton and Brianna, Alex and Christina, Nathan and Jessica, Dario and Alex. Ellie is once again the lone girl. And with two perfect matches already confirmed, it's looking great, right?

Ha! Wrong. One additional perfect match is lit up, so now they've blown through half their chances and haven't even found half their matches.

That pretty million-dollar check definitely looks like it's slipping away ...

Do you think Ellie and Anthony are a perfect match?


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