Jenelle Evans' Latest Parenting Mistake Enrages Moms

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has received no small amount of parenting judgment since the birth of her second son Kaiser last June. I mean, it makes sense that people would be watching her with a keen eye, seeing as how she was such a crappy mom to her now 5-year-old Jace that she ended up losing costudy of him to her mom, Barbara Evans.

But the Teen Mom 2 star is in a much better place. She's in a stable relationship with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, she's in school, and she's regaining custody of Jace. Even so, haters are ready to nitpick her on every little thing -- even the fact that she's wearing a necklace and holding her son at the same time.


I can't even make this stuff up. Jenelle posted this sweet photo on Twitter of her baby-wearing Kai while out and about.

Cute, right? Little man wants to be snuggled up against his mama. Of course the commenters couldn't wait to point out that Jenelle is (gasp!) wearing a necklace.

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One followers said, "next time please take the necklace off, it's way to long and he could choke on it!" Someone asked if this person was serious, they responded back again, "seriously what if he grabbed it and it broke and he choked on the charm or gets strangled by the rope."

Another fan chimed in, "I agree! It could poke him too. Seriously, why risk it for any reason!"

Um, I'm pretty sure that Kaiser is just fine. A) He looks to be sleeping, B) can his arm even reach up and around that strap, C) in case you didn't notice, Jenelle is right there, and he couldn't choke himself without choking her too.

This just seems like a case of Haters Gotta Hate. Jenelle's doing a good job with Kai, and it's neat to see her step up her parenting game in a major way. Can you imagine her taking Jace on errands with her when he was a baby?

Do you think Kaiser is in any danger of poking his eye out with that necklace?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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