Honey Boo Boo May Be Caught In the Middle of Custody Fight

honey boo booHere Comes Honey Boo Boo may be cancelled, but the drama continues on. The latest development in the sordid, molestation scandal involves Mama June's brother Uncle Poodle. With news of June's reported involvement with the man who is accused of molesting her oldest daughter years ago, he wants custody of little Alana.


Uncle Poodle, whose real name is Lee Thompson,  wants his neice in a safe, stable home -- something he reportedly thinks his sister cannot provide if she is taking up with Mark Daniel once again.

Now living with his fiance, Thompson has researched the rules for winning temporary custody and says he has the financial means to care for her. The couple is even looking for a bigger apartment with a spare room to accommodate the one-time kiddie pageant queen.

As for Pumpkin, the other minor in June's house, they apparently have no interest in taking her in. She supposedly hates them.

Of course, many are wondering why her dad Sugar Bear doesn't just whisk his daughter away until they can be assured of her safety while in Mama's care. But according to TMZ, he just doesn't have the financial means to do so.

It's really a sad situation for the entire family.

Do you think Honey Boo Boo should be taken away from Mama?


Image via Splash News

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