ABC's Next 'Bachelorette' Might Be the Last Person Anyone Expected

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So this gal REALLY wants to find a new job AND a man while she's at it, too, huh? Ha! Sarah Herron wants to be the next Bachelorette and it seems as though she'll do anything at this point to throw her name into the running.

I mean, after appearing on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, this reality star celebrity isn't giving up on the spotlight anytime soon. She either really wants to find true love on television or wants to make a career out of it.

(I'm taking it that it might be both ... )


According to Buddy TV, Herron joked during Halloween that she wanted to dress up as The Bachelorette for the night, while dropping a major hint to both Chris Harrson and the ABC Network (way to be subtle, honey). She wrote:

Yeah. She really couldn't get much more blatant than that, unless she came right out and asked for the gig.

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While I have nothing against Herron, honestly she's not my first choice for next season's Bachelorette. While her back story and incredible confidence pretty much make her America's sweetheart, let's get real. The Bachelorette thrives on drama, and I'm just not sure that Sarah is the gal to offer up a good dose of it. While I can see viewers rooting for the blonde beauty, her personality is just a little too nice and as we all know, that's not good for ratings. (Sad, but true.)

That being said, if I had to choose the next Bachelorette? I would prefer to see Nikki Ferrell take the reigns. She was both publicly burned and humiliated by her ex Juan Pablo Galavis, and I think audiences would rather tune in to see her come out on top.

Do you think Sarah Herron would make a good Bachelorette?

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