'Walking Dead' Spoilers Finally Reveal Where Beth Has Been (VIDEO)

Walking Dead spoilers Slabtown

Does anyone else think season 5 is turning out to be the best season of The Walking Dead so far? I am seriously loving all the darkness and action in the recent episodes, and this week's show, titled “Slabtown,” looks like it’s dishing out more of the same.

Episode 4 gives us our first real look at Beth since she was kidnapped in season 4, so if you’re all caught up and not worried about spoilers, I’ve got the latest sneak peek videos and promos for Sunday’s Walking Dead.


Here’s the sneak peek clip, which starts with Beth waking up in a hospital with a gash on her head and an IV in her arm:

So, despite the nice doctor telling her that everything’s okay, she’s definitely locked in that room — and the police officer is ready to make sure she’s not going to be able to defend herself with that needle. Creepy! Who are these people, and what have they been doing to her? (What’s with the cast on her hand?)

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Now here’s the promo clip, which starts out with the same Beth-waking-from-unconsciousness scene, but then shows us a few peeks at her moving through that spooky hospital, armed with a scalpel:

What are these folks all about, and who was with Daryl at the end of last week’s episode when he said “Come on out” to someone off camera? Maybe they’re playing with the timeline and we’ll learn that was Beth? But you’d think he would have had a happier expression during that scene, right?

So many questions, I can’t wait to see what gets answered in this week’s show.

What’s your call, do you think it’s Beth who was with Daryl, or someone else?

Image via AMC

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