Kailyn Lowry Shares Surprising Views on Controversial Parenting Issue

Kailyn Lowry Isaac

D'oh! Usually when it comes to fans flipping out over the way she chooses to parent her kids, it has something to do with breastfeeding, but this time Kailyn Lowry is opening the flood gates for conflict with her opinion on whether or not parents should be expected to pay for their kids' college educations.

While working out at the gym last night, Kail tweeted out a photo of a Fox News host asking, "Should parents pay for their kids to go to college?"

She then asked her followers to weigh in on the issue, and as you can imagine, there were opinions on both sides of the argument.


As far as how Kail feels about the idea, here's what she told one fan:

Yep. She thinks parents should pay. For whatever reason, I expected Kail's feelings on the issue to be the opposite, even though I totally agree with her.

I mean, as long as it doesn't pose any sort of hard financial strain, isn't it better to put your kids through school and give them a good start in life versus having them buried under student loans for years to come?

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Granted, I'm sure Kailyn's opinion on the subject is slightly biased, being that she's making a decent income from Teen Mom 2 and from the success of her book, Pride Over Pity.

But still, it speaks volumes about her priorities in life that she wants to put her kids' education at the top of her list instead of blowing her hard earned cash on frivolous things.

(You know, like most reality stars probably would.)

Do you think parents should pay for their kids to attend college?


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