Leah Calvert's Home Life Just Got Even More Devastating


Leah Calvert

Ugh. Can't a gal catch any sort of a break? In the wake of the persistent rumors about a possible divorce from Jeremy Calvert, now Leah Calvert has become a prisoner in her own home, since she's reportedly afraid to leave the house out of fear of being scrutinized.

And apparently a lot of her frustration has to do with the fact that her in-laws live so closely nearby. A source told Life & Style, "She feels totally trapped with her in-laws' house only a few feet away. She feels like her every move is being watched."


Hmm. It's very easy to see where having Jeremy's family right next door could pose additional stress, you know, since they can't be too happy with her if she did really cheat on him.

But it sounds like the rumors about Leah being unfaithful are the least of her problems. Another insider indicates that she's having issues with prescription medication again, so Jeremy's family could be looking for signs of her being totally out of it.

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He/she said:

She keeps falling asleep all the time -- pals are worried she's doing that when she's supposed to be watching the kids. They think she's on more than just anti-anxiety medication. She could lose everything if she doesn't shape up.

Whoa. As much as we don't want to believe that there's any truth to Leah's alleged drug abuse, it's definitely a bit concerning if her friends are observing her behavior and finding that it doesn't add up with her being totally sober.

Hopefully there's nothing to be concerned about and they're simply reading too much into the way she's acting, but if Leah's problems are as bad as this report suggests, she could be in for a much tougher road ahead than she ever expected.

Are you concerned about Leah?


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