Chelsea Houska's Bold New Look Is ... Kinda Creepy (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska

Whoa! Talk about a drastic makeover! Apparently now that Chelsea Houska is happy and in love with the new man in her life, Cole DeBoer, she wanted to step out of the box and try a wild new look just for the heck of it.

And while she's changed up her hair more times than we can count, this time around, she opted to leave her locks alone and went for a bit more of a dramatic transformation.

Check it out.


Yikes! It's a good thing those contacts aren't something she plans on wearing every day; otherwise, Chel would most definitely stop a lot of people in their tracks!

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Aww. How fun is it that she gets fully into the Halloween spirit? I'm sure Aubree absolutely loves the fact that her mom dresses up with her to partake in the festivities.

Hmm. I wonder what, exactly, she's going as on Friday night? Based on another photo she shared on Twitter where she was experimenting with Halloween makeup, odds are good that Chelsea's costume is going to be just as ghoulish as ever.

Fingers crossed that she shares a photo of the end result with us!

Do you think Chelsea's contacts are freaky?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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