'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jim Bob's Surprising Outburst at Jill's Wedding Was Perfect

jill duggar and derick dillard Last night Jill Duggar became Jill Dillard and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Even my dog was crying. That might be because I was eating cookies and not sharing with him, but I like to think it was because he was emotionally impacted by the touching ceremony. My cat wasn't crying, but that is because cats are just tuna-loving sociopaths, a fact commonly known. You know whose tears did surprise me? Jim Bob Duggar's! 

It's no secret that Jim Bob is a softie where his daughters are concerned. He's so insanely (and visibly) proud of all of his kids. Of course he was going to well up with emotions (and saline) when the time came to walk Jilly-Muffin (best. nickname. ever), but Jim Bob always masks those touchy-feeling emotions behind a big grin and a joke or seven. 


While he was definitely up for more than the eye-roll dad-style joke during the rehearsal and even the ceremony itself, he couldn't stop the tears from flowing. He seemed like he was in a state of total shock that this day had finally arrived. I maybe started singing "Sunrise, Sunset," in my apartment. In between bites of cookie, of course. Cookies always take priority in my life. Always. 

Seriously, if I had been present, I would have scuttled forward and insisted on giving the man a side hug. It was like watching a car crash. He kept looking at Michelle in a state of total incredulity. It's funny, you'd think sweet, sensitive, soft-spoken Michelle would be the one who was a veritable wreck at the notion of her daughter walking down the aisle, but she was so totally psyched for the big day. The only thing that slowed her down was worry that Derick's mother wouldn't be able to it make -- a fear that was eventually erased. 

Jim Bob did a brilliant job giving his daughter away -- though he seemed like he was in a bit of daze throughout. Thankfully, he was surrounded by people he knows and loves, which probably made things a bit easier. Still, had to be tough to tell your daughter to get her smooch on for the very first time.

What was your favorite part of Jill and Derick's wedding?


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