Cody Sattler Shares Engagement News on Twitter

Michelle Money & Cody Sattler

Ever since Michelle Money and Cody Sattler became a couple on Bachelor in Paradise, we've all been rooting for them to last for the long haul and hopefully wind up as husband and wife.

After all, they're so adorable together that it's impossible not to totally love them. It will be a serious buzz kill if they ever go their separate ways.

And that's why we can't help but want to get up and cheer after seeing Cody tweet about popping the question.

Yes, you read that right!


OMG!!!! After seeing this, most of us were all ready to bust out the champagne ... until the truth actually came out.

Yep. Cody pulled a fast one on us, and it turns out that he and Michelle were helping a dude propose to his girlfriend, who happens to be a huge Bachelor fan.

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Aww. On the one hand, you gotta love that Cody and Michelle are so loyal to their fans. But then again, this was kind of a shady trick to pull on all of us, considering how much we want to see the two of them get hitched!!

Ugh. This better be the last time either one of them leads us to believe they're engaged (or about to get engaged) unless it's going to happen for real. I know they're kind of a quirky couple and all, but it's cruel to go getting our hopes up only to reveal they're just messing with us!

(Come on, you two -- make it official, already!)

Do you think Cody and Michelle will get engaged soon?


Image via michellemoney/Instagram

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