'True Tori' Recap: Tori Wants to Get Rid of Dean's Babymaker

If it's one constant Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have had in their relationship, it's having babies. Tori has been pregnant for almost half their marriage. So the idea of giving up that very significant way they bond with each other is difficult for both, though it's pretty clear neither one wants any more kids. Thus, when Dean once again considers getting a vasectomy, the two waffle back and forth between being gung-ho about de-fanging Dean's babymaker and being terrified of it. "If we get rid of the sexual part of our relationship and take away having babies, what do we have?" Tori asks.


A year ago, it was Dean who wanted the vasectomy and Tori who was hesitant. Now the roles have reversed. Tori is still smarting from Dean's cheating and still unable to fully trust him, and Dean is still clinging to the last vestiges of his manhood, which, to him, means being a stud. ("What about testosterone?" Dean nervously asks the urologist. "Does it affect that?")

Can the embattled pair survive a neutered Dean?

Meanwhile, Tori tries to come to grips with her hoarding habit -- she has so much stuff in storage that if she sold it, she would have the down payment for another house. But just as she clings to the fairytale of what her relationship should be, and Dean's superhuman sperm, she clings to her cast-off clothes, childhood toys, and first marriage memorabilia.

When Dean pushes her to explain why she can't bring herself to get rid of any of it, she breaks down and says that it has to do with her childhood -- that everyone thought because of who her rich and famous daddy was, she was handed everything. But, no, she worked damn hard for every single thing she owns -- and be damned if she's just going to give it all to the Salvation Army.

In fact, it's things, not people, that make Tori feel safe and secure. Which is probably what she needs right now after this rollercoaster of a year with Dean "I make women feel unsafe" McDermott.

Actually, let me cut Dean some slack this episode. Tori's emotions are all over the place; she is clearly showing the beginnings of the nervous breakdown that reportedly sent her to the hospital recently. But Dean remains caring and present -- without making Tori's issues his own. Sometimes I think Dean is a straight-up sociopath, but not this episode. I actually felt sorry for him. It really is a shame he had to cheat, because these two do seem to love each other so much. Go ahead, hate mail me.

That said, perhaps Dean doesn't want his manhood clipped because he's envisioning a day when he starts a new family? Tori doesn't accuse him of this, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's in the back of her migraine-addled brain.

Dean eventually decides to keep his babymaker intact for now. Let's hope he keeps it away from other women as well.

Somewhere in the middle of everything, Tori also confesses that the reason she agrees to have everything filmed is because she's scared of what will happen when the lights shut down and the cameramen go home. What happens then? Who is she? Who is Dean? Who are these little people scampering around the house, does she know them? "If I wasn't being filmed, what if there was nothing?" Tori plaintively wails. Yes, she actually does think the world will end if there's not a camera there to capture every tear drop and pregnancy test.

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One day the cameras WILL pack up and leave (and that day probably isn't far off), but I really do get the feeling she will survive it. In fact, Tori has so many facets she hasn't yet explored, I suspect she will love not being filmed and just having an audience of one -- Tori. Because that's the most important fan she'll ever have.

Should Dean get a vasectomy?


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