Andi Dorfman's Big Plans for Nikki Ferrell Are Juan Pablo's Worst Nightmare

Andi Dorfman Nikki Ferrell

Wow. That didn't take long. We only found out about the big split yesterday, and already, Andi Dorfman's response to Nikki Ferrell's breakup with Juan Pablo Galavis is exactly what we would expect from a best friend helping out another girlfriend in desperate need.

And no, her plan doesn't involve a big tub of Ben and Jerry's, Hello Kitty pajamas, and a marathon of Ryan Gosling movies on Netflix. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Instead, Andi is planning on being very proactive about Nikki's love life, and she's using her upcoming wedding as part of the plan, too.


According to Hollywood Life, not only is Andi relieved that Nikki dumped Juan Pablo for good, she's freaking excited about it. Apparently she never wanted Juan Pablo to come to her wedding (gee, I wonder why?), and now that he's out of the picture, Andi can use her big day as an opportunity to find Nikki a good guy who will stick around way after the cameras stop rolling. A source said:

She never liked him to begin with and she never, ever though he was good enough for Nikki. Andi wants to set up Nikki with some good guys and is just super excited that she is now single. Plus, Andi has tons of guys she wants to introduce her to her wedding.

Ok first off, where are all of these "good guys" coming from, Andi?!?! Who knew she had sooooo many connections! Either way, I don't blame her for wanting to set Nikki up. Normally I would be hesitant in getting into another relationship right after breaking up with someone, but what does Nikki have to lose? It's not like Juan Pablo was there for her during these past few months. In fact, he was anywhere but by her side. 

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If Nikki finds someone at Andi's wedding, great, and if not, she has plenty of time to look for the right man. As my mother-in-law would always say, the only thing you can rush in life is making a baby, everything else takes time! Hey, if all else fails, she could always try being the next Bachelorette ... (hint, hint ABC).

Do you think Andi should set Nikki up with one of her friends?

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