'Are You the One' Recap: One Crazy Night Threatens to Destroy a Perfect Match

are you the one prattWeek three meant three matches and three beams, so tonight's episode four should naturally mean one step forward for MTV's Are You the One? cast. Right? Yeah, not so much.

And while everyone is starting to form some level of a relationship, the latest challenge is about to uproot any possible couple.

Ryan Devlin, along with his brilliant MTV engineers, are airing everyone's dirty laundry. Tonight's challenge has the girls slip 'n' sliding to figure out how many girls each guy has slept with. And we cover the entire range. From nine to "too many to count," the gentlemen revealed just how high their numbers were.


And hello, plot twist! Layton, whose number was revealed to be nine during the game, actually hopped up to the double digits the night before. Because Jessica was there to service: "My man is my life and I'm here to give him everything he needs." And Nathan's "too many to count" is easily explained: he can only count 'til 10. So there ya go.

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But when Paris, Jessica, and Jasmine each manage to somewhat squeak by with a couple correct answers, Pratt, Layton, and Garland are lucky enough to join the ladies on a jet boarding date.

But not before "Lingerie Night." Which tears everything apart. Preparing for possibly his last night in the house (Pratt and Paris are confident that they're a perfect match and that they'll be sent to the Truth Booth tomorrow), Pratt goes all out. But Paris goes further. Girl has a little too much "juice" and ends up making out with John, who, after turning her down multiple times, finally gives in.

And Pratt is one unhappy dude who promises, after a night of chugging his pitcher, that he'll learn to "get over it."

And so he does because when the couple gets sent into the Truth Booth, it turns out that it's time for them to take off to the Honeymoon Suite. That's right, all, Pratt and Paris are a perfect match! The first one of the season.

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But that's not even the best part.

Not at all. At the matching ceremony, it went down like this: Ellie and Brandon, Jenny and Anthony, Briana and Curtis, Tyler and Alex, Shelby and Dario, Alex and Nathan, Ashley and John, Jasmine and Garland, Jessica and Layton, and Christina stole John.

Seems decent, right? But apart from the one already confirmed perfect match in Pratt and Paris, they got zero matches. ZERO.

Amazing. So Jessica, sorry but Layton isn't for you. Jenny and Anthony, think again. And Briana and Curtis, who seemed like the singular possible hope, are a no go.

Well, at least it can only go up from here.

Are you surprised Pratt and Paris are a perfect match?


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