Leah Calvert Sends Very Clear Message About the Status of Her Marriage

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Huh. I really didn't think it was possible for the status of their relationship to get any more bizarre, but now it looks as though Leah and Jeremy Calvert's divorce might not happen after all ... if it was ever "on" to begin with.

(I know. I'm just as confused as you are.)

While this could be nothing more than an attempt to convince everyone that things are perfectly rosy (if not even better) between them, Leah posted a tweet that seems to indicate that she and Jeremy are still very much husband and wife.


Uhhhhh. Ok? Soooooo, they're spending the day together. And she loves Jeremy. Which means we can assume that he loves her too and they're totally happy and in love again and ... what divorce?!?

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Man. When it comes to blowing hot and cold, these two pretty much take the cake as far as the couple who has no idea what in the heck they want goes.

But for both of their sakes and that of the kids, let's hope a reconciliation really is underway, and that Leah and Jeremy are committed to working on their marriage and staying together for the long haul. They really do make a great couple, and if nothing else, there's definitely quite a bit of passion between them (which is both a blessing and a curse.)

For now, it looks like Leah and Jeremy are back on, though we should probably wait to see what kind of cryptic messages turn up on Twitter tomorrow before jumping to any conclusions.

Do you think Leah and Jeremy will work things out?


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