Jenelle Evans Shows Off Seriously Sexy Halloween Photos

Jenelle EvansOMG. It's not like we expected anything less from Jenelle Evans, seeing as it's Halloween and all, but her costume is ... well, it's exactly what you'd expect from the Teen Mom 2 star.

Jenelle and Nathan Griffith recently took the kids to Disney World, where they celebrated all sorts of spooky family fun, but over the weekend, they partied to a more adult vibe -- complete with a corseted sexy school girl costume.


Jenelle took to both Twitter and Instagram to show off her sexy style, and hot dang, it's not even fair that she had a baby less than four years ago. Girlfriend is rocking it.


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See what I mean? And with that smile, she's sexy and she knows it. And then there's this one with Nathan and a friend. Nathan seems to be a little dumbfounded here, maybe mesmerized by the power of the boobs?

Speaking of sexy costumes, why is it that girls get skimpy to be sultry, but guys get to wear a suit? Or slacks and a tie, like Nate is rocking here. He looks pretty fantastic too.

Of course Jenelle wasn't the only scantily clad lady in the crowd. Here she is posing with a bunny. Let's see ... a school girl, a bunny ... all they need is a slutty nurse and they'd have the trifecta of fantasy Halloween costumes.

But at the end of the day, Jenelle seems to know what's really important, and it's not looking hot in a costume. It's growing old with the love of your life.

And this super sweet kissy one, just because.

Everybody say awwwww!

Do you think Jenelle Evans' Halloween costume is too sexy or just plain fun?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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