‘Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ Takes a Bloody, Dark Turn

Walking Dead recap Four Walls and a Roof

Who’s ready to talk about last night’s Walking Dead? Here’s your official spoiler warning that I’m about to delve into the details of what happened during episode 3 of season 5, titled “Four Walls and a Roof.” Episode 2 left us with something of a cliffhanger, what with the lingering questions of what Daryl and Carol were about to get up to and how that unpleasant BobBQ situation was going to be resolved — and based on the sneak peek videos, it looked like episode 3 was going to feature some major confrontations between Rick’s group and Father Gabriel.

Let’s get to the recap!


We start out with a disgusting combo scene that cuts between walker hands scrabbling moistly against a window and Gareth’s group chowing down on the special of the evening: Bob’s hamstring. Leg a la Bob is a simple dish, wood-roasted with seemingly no spices or condiments, but Gareth is enjoying every bite as he delivers his monologue about how he thinks women taste better than men on account of their extra layer of blubber. Hey Gareth, didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to fat-shame with your mouth full?

Bob seems to be weeping, which would be understandable given his profoundly uncool situation, but then he takes a cue from the comics storyline — awwww yiss — and begins laughing uncontrollably. He pulls down his shirt to display the bite that I so totally called during last week's episode, and says, “You idiots. I’ve been bitten, you pricks. I’m tainted meat. TAAAAAAAIINTED MEEEAT.”

Score one for Bob as the Terminus crew begins panic-barfing like they’re on the losing Survivor tribe during the eating challenge.

Back at the church, Sasha and Rick confront Father Gabriel, accusing him of being involved in something that’s led to three of their members going missing. Gabriel breaks down (lamely, I must say — with actors like Andrew Lincoln working their A game Seth Gilliam’s performance felt pretty weak in comparison) and confesses that when the zombies first rose he allowed his congregation to die outside the church doors. Comics readers knew this was coming but it’s still a gut punch, magnified by the group’s horrified reaction: a reverend just sat back and listened as his flock was torn to pieces outside the doors he had locked. Wow. In Gabriel’s defense, he’s pretty traumatized by his own cowardice, and he believes Rick’s group was sent from God to punish him.

Well, no time to ponder religious ramifications of prioritizing your own life above those of women and children, Father, because Bob’s outside in the grass. The group rushes to bring him in, where he tells them about Gareth’s group. Bob’s in bad shape, and Gabriel offers the sofa in his office. “It’s not much,” he flounders, and I laugh out loud at the TV. You THINK? But Sasha’s grateful for the small act of kindness: if Gabriel isn’t forgiven, he’s on his way.

It seems like Rick has gathered a small group to make a play for the elementary school where Gareth was hiding out, which makes for some VERY tense moments when Gareth and his cronies infiltrate the church. With Rick and the guns gone, how long can Carl really protect the remaining survivors, including Judith, who makes a comical “O” face before bursting into inevitable tears? But Rick was fiendishly clever, they were hiding somewhere all along, ready to blow some heads to pieces right at the critical moment.

They spare Gareth long enough for some really scary shots of Rick glowering down at him, and how awesome is this new badass Rick? Pretty awesome, and they’re doing a fantastic job of making us worried about his descent into darkness. This is the character arc that worked so well on Breaking Bad, and it’s playing out to a lesser degree here with Rick but it’s still present: is his inherent goodness gone yet? Was the darkness there all along, or was he forced into it? These are great questions and we get a nice dose of it in this episode with Rick’s savage attack against Gareth (Sasha and Abraham get their hands dirty, too) as people like Glenn and Tyreese stare on in shock.

Father Gabriel looks at all the bloodshed and stutters, “But … this is the lord’s house.” Maggie replies grimly, “No, it’s just four walls and a roof.” DIALOGUE GOLD STAR, WALKING DEAD.

Bob’s death scene is predictably sad. He tells Sasha he hadn’t confessed the walker bite because it would have become all about the end, and he really liked the middle. He also tells Rick that while nightmares end, they shouldn’t end who you are.  (Seriously, who wrote tonight’s show? So many good lines.) He smiles at baby Judith, who really is very adorable this season, and says, “Just look at her and tell me the world isn’t going to change.”

Then Tyreese has to kill him with a knife through the head. World didn’t change soon enough for you, Bob. I’m sorry about that.

Abraham gathers a crew to leave for D.C. while Rick and the remaining gang wait for Carol and Daryl to return. As the bus pulls away with Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Glenn, and Tara, Rick unfolds the map Abraham left him and it reads, “Sorry, I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.” So we’re split up again, darn it. I’m guessing the story will follow Rick getting Beth out from wherever she is, before everyone eventually reunites — having met up with Morgan at some point, I presume — in the Alexandria Safe Zone?

The final scene shows Daryl returning from the woods as Michonne stands watch. She looks relieved, but Daryl’s got a stony expression. She asks where Carol is, and Daryl turns back and says, “Come on out.” And that’s it — fade to black.

Lingering thoughts:

• How great was it when Rick told Gareth, right before he killed him, “I already made you a promise”? That’s right Gareth, you nasal-voiced greasy-banged bastard.
• Gareth said his group was leaving the markings on the trees, but what about that big “A” on the side of the church? Was that his group as well?
• Who’s coming out of the woods with Daryl, dammit?
• Judith’s awfully quiet until they need a dramatic crying interlude, isn’t she?
Would 'tainted meat' zombify you? Rick didn't let them live long enough to answer this question. As we know, everyone is infected, but maybe eating a bitten person would activate the virus the way being bitten does?
• Poor Bob. I never liked him much, but at least he had a good death.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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