Leah Calvert's Rumored Divorce From Jeremy Calvert Keeps Getting Worse

Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Good grief. Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any worse for Leah Calvert, it turns out she has another dose of drama in her life that is likely causing her plenty of additional stress.

According to RadarOnline, Leah and Jeremy Calvert were slapped with a tax lien from the state of West Virginia in the amount of $10,598 back in March. And apparently they paid it off on May 7th, but coupled with the medical bills they have for their daughter Ali, it caused a pretty big financial strain.


And if that's the case, it's easy to see why poor Leah would suddenly find her marriage in crisis, you know, since money issues definitely tend to take a pretty big toll on a relationship.

While we hate to believe that the rumors about Leah's alleged drug abuse are true, if she and Jeremy really were having all sorts of financial trouble, it would be easy to see how she could turn to medication to try and ease the strain, though for now, we probably shouldn't jump to conclusions about the allegations.

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But all money problems aside, sadly it really is starting to look like one thing is certain -- Jeremy and Leah's marriage appears to be over, especially considering he deleted all traces of her from his social media accounts last week.

Sigh. Poor Leah. It's like everyday something else surfaces that manages to kick her when she's down. At this rate, things have to take a turn for the better sometime in the near future ... right?

Do you feel sorry for Leah?


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