Amber Portwood Gets New Tattoo for Her New Man! (PHOTO)

Amber PortwoodAnother day, another questionable Teen Mom tattoo! This time it's Amber Portwood, who has one of the most WTF tats on any of the TM crew -- her daughter Leah's face is inked on her stomach. This new one isn't exactly strange in itself -- it's actually quite pretty.

The questionable thing about it is that it's part of a matching couple's tattoo with a mystery man. Yup, Amber and her unidentified boy toy got matchy-smatchy tattoos. Does anyone else think this is a terrible idea?


The tats are on the inside of both of their left wrists, and read "vero amore" in pretty scrolly letters. In case you don't speak Italian, that's "true love."

Whoa. Sounds like things are pretty serious with this guy already. Amber took to Twitter to share a picture of their tattoos, and captioned it, "All fixed :) tattoo with my babe...sending love."

Who is this guy? Is it the same one who was helping her "find faith in men again" last spring? Or someone completely different? Considering that just last month she claimed that she was only "talking" to someone, and didn't consider them together, getting matching tats seems pretty hasty.

I mean, isn't the proper order of dating milestones supposed to go "introduce new boyfriend to Twitter followers," and then "get matching tattoos declaring our love in a foreign language"?

But hey, maybe when you know you know, and Amber really has found the man of her dreams. No better way to celebrate that than with some fresh ink.

Do you think couple's tattoos are a bad idea so soon in a relationship?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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