Jeremy Calvert's Bold Move Means Divorce From Leah Calvert Is Imminent

Jeremy Calvert and girls

Ugh. This is so disheartening, I'm not even sure where to begin. Earlier this morning, we learned that Leah Calvert took Jeremy Calvert off her Twitter profile picture, leading us to wonder whether or not the rumors about them possibly splitting up are actually true.

I mean, it's still kind of anyone's guess as to what really happened as far as Leah cheating on Jeremy with Robbie Kidd goes, so at this point, Jeremy and Leah's marriage could go either way.


But now it looks as though divorce may be imminent for these two, considering Jeremy has deleted all traces of Leah from Twitter and also posted an update which appears to throw shade at her once again.

Hmm. "He can't buy a Big Mac." He has to be referring to Robbie, right?

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And if you recall, his profile bio used to say something about being married to Leah and loving her and her girls, but now he has no bio. Oh, and his profile pic is now a shot of baby Addie instead of a photo of him and Leah.

OMG, people. I hate to say it, but all signs are pointing to things being over between Jeremy and Leah for good. Why in the heck would Jeremy do something as bold as taking his marital status off his social media accounts if things between them were rosy as ever? Oh, and did I mention that apparently his Facebook relationship status reads, "Divorced"?!?

Um, if that doesn't speak volumes about where he and Leah stand, I honestly don't know what does.

Sigh. Stay tuned, but it looks as though Leah and Jeremy's big split could be made public knowledge any day now.

(So sad.)

Do you think Leah and Jeremy will get divorced?


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