Josh Murray's True Feelings for Andi Dorfman Just Became Perfectly Clear

Josh Murray

He seems like a decent enough guy and all, but now that it's looking more and more like Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray will actually get married, it's clear that he's a pretty tough one to figure out.

I mean, he must be completely enamored of Andi (not to mention pretty damn forgiving), considering that she slept with Nick Viall right before accepting his proposal. And it never seemed to faze him in the slightest.

(Weird. I know.)


And since he apparently has no problem with the fact that Andi has hooked up with more than a few dudes over the past year, it's a little strange that Josh is adamant that Juan Pablo Galavis will not attend his wedding, when his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell, will clearly be on the guest list.

When asked about whether or not Juan Pabs would be in attendance, Josh replied, "He's not coming. Just good people. No people whose character I just don't like."

Huh. Got it. Josh hates Juan P., and therefore he's going to have to sit this one out. Um, why the heck isn't Andi the one insisting that her infamous ex has no business watching her walk down the aisle? Isn't she the one who supposedly has a problem with him, not Josh?

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Then again, maybe we should take this as a sign that Josh is a pretty decent guy, being that he's stepping up to the plate and defending his fiancée. There's always the chance that he doesn't want Andi to be forced to so much as mention anything about a man from her past that she obviously hates, so him taking the reigns is ... kind of admirable?

Yeah, let's go with that. Josh isn't being a jealous whiner, he's simply going to bat for his wife-to-be to avoid her having to answer a super awkward question. Aww. Whatta guy. Maybe this little gesture will be enough to put the showmance rumors to rest once and for all?

(Nah. I highly doubt it.)

Do you think Juan Pablo deserves to be invited to Andi's wedding?


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