Leah Calvert's Telling Gesture Could Mean Her Marriage Is Really Over

Leah Calvert

We probably shouldn't read too much into this move just yet, but considering the cheating rumors that popped up last week, it does seem pretty interesting that Leah Calvert removed Jeremy Calvert from her profile picture on Twitter.

(Gasp! Scandalous.)

Instead of a photo of her and Jeremy with the three girls looking all happy and blissful, she replaced her profile pic with a shot of the twins, which could mean there's trouble in paradise ... or not?


I mean, people update their Twitter pics all the time, so maybe Leah was simply ready for a change and wanted to express her love for Ali and Aleeah.

But then again, maybe this is her way of backing off a little, in the sense of slowly phasing Jeremy out of her life?

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Even though she denied cheating on him and has led us to believe that everything is perfectly fine with their marriage, the fact that Jeremy immediately flew off the handle and jumped to conclusions about the cheating rumors being true definitely shows that there are significant trust issues between them.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, there will be evidence to support the idea of Leah and Jeremy being happy together again. But for whatever reason, something tells me the issues between them aren't going to resolve themselves overnight, which means they could have a pretty tough road ahead of them to get back on solid ground.

Do you think Leah removing Jeremy from Twitter means they're over?


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